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Adriel Rosenfeldt

Meet Adriel Rosenfeldt


Adriel Rosenfeldt is an Edmonton filmmaker who began creating video at age 14. Utilizing VFX, Rosenfeldt saw this skill as an asset to his future work.

Rosenfeldt attended NAIT’s Digital Cinema program with education from the likes of industry filmmakers - with one instructor having won an Emmy Award.

After NAIT, Rosenfeldt's film "Microcosm" was the only selected film to be screened twice at the 2016 Edmonton Short Film Festival in both the main Gala and the Family Friendly event. In 2017, Rosenfeldt entered and won a contest with the same festival to film a short with a mobile device.

Through the years, Rosenfeldt has adopted a visual style and translates it to non-personal work as well. If world domination doesn't pan out, hopefully having a unique voice will.



This section includes a highlight of short films created by Adriel Rosenfeldt. Each project features an overview of its production and what was learned from them.


Trapped (2018)

James Smith is a black office employee tasked to finish an overnight project, but when he discovers the motives and politics of the business he works for, he realizes he has been hiding his identity to fit in.

“Trapped” is a music video for The Original Chu written, directed and edited by Rosenfeldt. By the request of Chu to create a story out of his track, Rosenfeldt opted to parallel the song’s criticisms of the music industry to an office setting. The sensitive and complex nature of the music video’s meaning posed a unique challenge for Rosenfeldt in conveying a message that is both respectful and understanding.



When you find yourself unable to follow your dreams because the circumstances of life don’t allow you to, and despite those who want to see you succeed, you can’t find the worth in yourself to go forth. This film is for anyone who has a dream to chase, and for anyone who can’t find themselves. Sometimes you gotta make that leap of faith.

“Yearning” was the challenge winner for the Edmonton Short Film Festival’s annual Mobile Film Challenge. The contest required the entire filmmaking process to take place in only 48 hours and shooting the film with only a smartphone.

microcosm (2016)

Josephine feels small and insignificant; a lonely soul in a big world. What sets her apart from others is that she is literally two inches tall. When her only source of happiness is lost, she begins to realize the misfortunes of her size. What she doesn't realize is what everyone else around her hides to themselves.

"Microcosm" was a film in the making for almost five years, meeting iteration after iteration, and failure after failure. A project that shouldn't have taken so long to make, did, giving the impression the film would never be finished.


Abstruse (2015)

After witnessing the death of the girl that kept his life together, one man must fend for himself as a hooded being inexplicably returns to finish what it started. Accepting the opportunity to seek vengeance, he must first overcome his own guilt, doubt and psychological torture before he fights the beast.

Utilizing corrupt video as a narrative arc, "Abstruse" is a cinematic experience that combines traditional linear storytelling with modern glitch art known as datamoshing.

reminiscence (2014)

A cross-country road trip from Edmonton, Alberta to eastern Canada.

This project technically falls under the category of being a vacation video but with a cinematic appeal. During the trip, Rosenfeldt committed to posting a new video every night, documenting what he saw over the day. "Reminiscence" features a select variety of shots from all of these videos.


More Projects

This section includes notable projects that Rosenfeldt became involved with, whether contributing to certain elements, or creating videos or graphics to help a business grow.


The Original Chu

The Original Chu is a rapper from Sherwood Park, Alberta. Rosenfeldt is currently writing a narrative for a music video that is to be submitted to the Edmonton Short Film Festival once completed.

Guests - The Band

GUESTS - The Band is a band from Beaumont, Alberta performing in a range of genres. The band is made up with Jacob Whittle, Alex Bauer, and Matt Koopman; the latter of which has scored Rosenfeldt's short films, including "Microcosm" and "Yearning". Rosenfeldt has had the pleasure to create two live music videos for them:

  • GUESTS - "Walking in the Park with a Rusty Bag of Bones"
  • GUESTS - "Queen of Heartz"

Fontaine Lewis

Rosenfeldt collaborated with Fontaine Lewis, rapper from Edmonton, Alberta to create the music video for "Wet (Feat. Aidan Murphy)"

Altius Marketing & Advertising Group

Fellow NAIT graduate introduced Rosenfeldt to Altius Marketing Group as a VFX artist. Projects include:

  • Placement of new skyscrapers in Edmonton as a concept piece for Westrich Pacific Corporation.

Alberta Diabetes Foundation

Rosenfeldt was chosen as their videographer for the Hummingbird Gala, a charity and celebration event for diabetes research. This project is not yet released.

Iconium Strategies

Rosenfeldt is working under contract with Iconium Strategies as a motion graphics artist for clients. Projects include:

  • "Session 11: Turning the World Upside Down" for Global Church Movement documenting Paul the Apostle's three Missionary Journeys.
  • Ambrose University - A yearbook that comes to life revealing generations of success.

Cactus Club Cafe

Initially a dishwasher for the company, Rosenfeldt was approached by the head managers of the West Edmonton location to film both their staff parties and cooking competitions. Discussions to film content with the Jasper Avenue location have been in the works.

BLVD Supper x Club

BLVD Supper x Club is an Edmonton bar on Jasper Avenue. Between August and December of 2015, Rosenfeldt became the primary source for BLVD's digital content. Ranging from video to graphic posters, BLVD still uses the videos in-house.

Long Road Home (2016)

Student film and feature documentary about the life of Canadian singer Alfie Zappacosta. Rosenfeldt was a camera operator for the concert portions of the film. Long Road Home was screened at ReelHeART International Film Festival in Toronto and won the title of “Best Canadian Film".

pieces (2014)

Rosenfeldt was the Key Grip and Storyboard Artist for this student short film.


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